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Sometimes we must stop for a few moments and look at the nature that surrounds us. Nature evolves, it changes with the seasons. Without being the loudest, she always manages to make herself heard with her great wisdom. It contains secrets, forgotten flavors, who are just waiting to be brought to life. In a world that invites us to favor quantity over quality, here we listen to our true nature. Welcome to the Appalaches Distillerie.



Dave Ricard is a successful project manager who thrives on challenges. Although, he graduated with a diploma in engineering, he quickly realized that his interests were more at a management level. Therefore, this led him to complete his Master’s in Business Administration. Disliking traditional methods, he dreams of creating his own business, on his own terms. A company where it would be possible to create products with a futuristic design, of high quality and creating a pleasant work environment. It took him several years to create the Appalachian Distillery, but he finally did it in 2018 and is surrounded by people who, just like him, can combine ambition and pleasure at work!


Kevin Pelletier is a born entrepreneur. After completing his university studies in marketing and international relations, he began his career as a major account sales representative for the company Omni (Poppers, Casal domingo) distributing alcoholic beverages. In 2010, he left his functions to join the family business ‘Vifranc’, which is in the maple syrup production and distribution. Demonstrating undeniable aptitudes for sales, he quickly proves his abilities by contributing greatly to the company’s international expansion. The company now distributes its products in 22 countries and Kevin is proudly the CEO. His experience in managing manufacturers and exportation is a valuable asset to the company.