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Sometimes we must stop for a few moments and look at the nature that surrounds us. Nature evolves, it changes with the seasons. Without being the loudest, she always manages to make herself heard through her great wisdom. It contains secrets, forgotten flavors who are just waiting to be brought to life. In a world that invites us to favor quantity over quality, here we listen to our true nature. Welcome to the Appalaches Distillerie!


It was in full lockdown that the Kepler Bord de mer (Seaside) was born. Our distiller, in flagrant lack of sunshine, was struck by a sudden burst of creativity. In the company of his small pocket still, he distilled and redistilled fresh and sunny herbs. From the depths of the sea has emerged a gin that does great honor to our national strawberry and local rhubarb. We add local grown cucumbers from the company Toundra of Saguenay as well as wild Wakamé seaweed harvested by hand by our friend Antoine Nicolas, the emeritus diver from Gaspé. Bord de Mer will leave you with a salty, well-balanced umami finish that makes it easy to work with in a cocktail

INGREDIENTS: Strawberry, rhubarb, cucumber, wakamé algae


To be the summer destination of choice, you need quality and diversity! Les Appalaches is therefore adding Kepler Stellaire to its range of fruity gins. Little brother of Kepler Bord de mer, the latter gives way to aromas of black raspberry and blood orange. Well balanced thanks to the rosemary and fresh lemon, why not treat yourself to summer in the bottle!

INGREDIENTS: Black raspberry, raspberry, blood orange, rosemary, lemon, coriander, juniper berry


The stellar tonic embodies the summer refreshment b excellence! True to its aromas from the popular Kepler Stellaire, this sparkling ready-to-drink cocktail presents frank notes of blood orange and fresh lemon that blend perfectly with the vibrant aromas of black raspberry. Not too sweet, it will accompany your moments of rest as well as your sporting and cultural events this summer!

INGREDIENTS: Carbonated water, gin, cane sugar, natural flavouring, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate


Benefiting from this incredible natural resource that is the wild blueberry, the odyssey is the fruit of a long journey on the path of the blueberry. The small fruit, sometimes capricious, has indeed been distilled many times since the creation of the distillery.

INGREDIENTS: Wild blueberries, Labrador tea, juniper, coriander, sea buckthorn


Always in a festive spirit, the Kepler Sous-Bois aims to make your taste buds travel the nothern lights by a simple sip. On ice, it will please the most demanding of classic gin lovers. In gin and tonic, it will suddenly transform itself into the perfect companion for a stay at the cottage, releasing scents of pink grapefruit and green apple. Composed of a blend of local herbs and spices, which includes dune pepper and Labrador tea, this gin represents excellent value for it’s money due to the rarity of its ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Pink grapefruit, green apple, dune pepper, Labrador tea, balsam fir


Celebrate summer in style. With silky notes of white peach, pear and green tea, the all-new Kepler Céleste will transport you to a fresh and peaceful little corner of paradise. A new experience signed Appalaches. To sip in a classic gin and tonic or in prestigious gin bellini!

INGREDIENTS: white peach, pear, holy basil, juniper berry


After the resounding success of Kepler Céleste in summer 2024, we are responding to popular demand by offering the delicious spirit in a ready-to-drink cocktail format! Full of peaches, pears and a slightly bitter and tangy finish, our Céleste tonic will seduce you, whatever the occasion. Note that Tonic Céleste is also one of the least sugary ready-to-drink products on the market with less than 10 g of sugar per can, making it the perfect alternative to seltzer for those who want to stay the course this summer.

INGREDIENTS: Peaches, pears, juniper berry, lemon


Marrying the exotic and delicate scent of passion fruit, with the liveliness of fresh ginger. Appalachian distillers also include aronia; a small, forgotten native fruit, picked on a brand new plantation located very close to our distillery. Opt for subtlety, elegance and love this summer in the company of love at first sight.

INGREDIENTS: Passion fruit, Aronia, ginger, Cardamom


Accompany us to the origins of Kepler, when the now popular range of Quebec gin was only dream and ambition. A cross of aromatics which have all, in their own way, marked the young history of our distillery, a know-how refined over time, a frank taste, with a je ne sais quoi that makes you want to dive back into it each time. sip. With K, nothing will be left to chance. Not even the dollars that will be left in your wallet.

INGREDIENTS: Juniper berry, Lemon, Ginger, Dune pepper.


Appalaches distillerie is proud to present the brand new VodkaFit, the flavored vodka of the summer! A new generation of alcoholic lemonade. It contains everything you need for the most refreshing summer cocktails. The instructions are very simple: Mix the fit with sparkling water at 20, 50 or 80% according to your liking of the moment. Because your thirst is not the same at a barbecue with friends or after your daily workout, your new favorite spirit must be versatile! Enjoy summer in a bottle!


Appalaches distillery takes you on a trip with its brand new VodkaFit Hawaiian Punch ! Take out your ukulele and come join us by the fire to discover a divine punch with aromas of mango, pineapple and local cranberry! A little wink to the flavours of here that will certainly find its place in the boreal summer of Quebec. Simply mix the punch in equal parts with sparkling water to obtain a frankly delicious cocktail!


Made from a blend of Scotch whisky that is finishing its internship in the Appalachians, our very first whisky imported from the highlands presents delicate notes of smoky peat and spices that go perfectly with our selection of amber maple syrup from here. .

On the puck, we will obviously recognize the presence of maple which nevertheless leaves room for the discovery of the aromatic profile of the whiskey at 40%. An experience to offer (or to offer oneself).


A unique gin in its category with delicate aromas of maple wood and spices. A grain to bottle aged in barrels that have contained maple syrup. The three months aging development process that is required gives it a delicate note of maple wood and spices supported by the powerful but well-balanced aromas of Labrador tea. A true Canadian taste. Gold medalist at the Gin masters 2020 in London, it also received the bronze medal at the 2020 San Francisco spirit awards. Kepler Reserve is elegant on ice and prestigious in cocktails (particularly in a martini).


What says Appalaches says, maple syrup, sweet liquid that has been part of our culture for so many years. Often associated with desserts, maple syrup has been the main invitee on a tradition Quebec table for decades now. The typical maple liquor is a cream based.   What if we thought of maple differently? What if what made this liquid noble and delicious was not its sweet taste but rather the unique aromas that hide behind it? Inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution, we distilled maple, again and again, until we produced Minus 40, a current and delicious maple spirit, which we believe will become what the bourbon is for the Americans, and scotch for the Scottish. Once again, Appalache is leading the way in this class of spirits by winning the only medal, gold it goes without saying, from the London 2020 Specialty Spirit Competition in the ‘maple alcohol’ category.


We live in an environmentally conscious era. We are much more aware of our surroundings. We are reducing our travels and buying locally. We are decreasing our meat consumption and being more aware of our environmental impact. We are much more conscious of our health, therefore drinking less is drinking better. ‘Alphonse’ is the result of your perfect evening without sacrificing your morning jog. It’s the outcome of living a memorable adventure without forgetting a single second. The ingredients of our alternative floral gin is the result of the perfect blend of sweetness. The chamomile blended with the power of Quebec’s Labrador tea and the freshness of lime and ginger make the perfect combination. Discover the pleasures of blending premium cocktails, without the alcohol. ‘Alphonse’, Quebec’s alternative gin is ideal for your premium mocktails. ‘Alphonse’ is the 2021 silver medalist at the Low and No Spirit Masters in London, England. The performance is even more remarkable as the product is the ONLY Canadian non-alcoholic or low alcohol spirit to earn a podium among more than 200 products. This is an industry first.

INGREDIENTS: Juniper berry, Labrador tea, lime, ginger, elderflower, chamomile, basswood

Cosmo’N Bees

True to his reputation, Alphonse puts on his most stylish suit. This
time to impress with the flavours of lime, ginger, labrador tea, juniper
berry, elderflower, cranberry and real honey. All developed in the purest collaboration with our friends and neighbors Cru d’Abeille: Boissons pur miel. A premium ready-to-serve mocktail, currently offered exclusively at the distillery. A perfect weekday partner! And why not for the weekend aswell.

INGREDIENTS: Labrador tea, elderflower, cranberry, pure honey, Juniper berry